Inspired By | Ray Eames

In support of Women's history month, I'll be sharing a few of my favorite female artists that continue to inspire me to think differently, to try new things, to get messy and to have some fun in the process. First up, Ray Eames. The painter, the collaborator, the innovator.

Inspired by Ray Eames

An icon of mid-century modern design, Ray's talent spanned many mediums. Known as one half of the dynamic ‘Charles and Ray Eames,’ Ray was an artist in her own right. In the 1930s, she moved from California to New York to study painting and sculpture with German Abstract Expressionist Hans Hofmann. Over the years she evolved into textile design before eventually meeting Charles Eames, whom would come to be her lifelong creative partner and husband.

As an architect, Charles designed by form and function. Together they combined their talents to focus on mass manufacturing of everyday goods. They moved from the east coast to California and starting working on endless personal and commissioned work, including furniture, architecture, film, exhibitions, and even toys. In the 1940s, they were even commissioned by the US Navy to produce molded plywood splints and stretchers for the war.  

The Eames’ always considered the details. Constantly exploring new materials and technology that would forever change modern design. They were always innovating, always progressing, and always having fun.  A constant source of inspiration to myself and many. 

Ray Eames, the painter, the collaborator, the innovator. 1912- 1988. 

Words by Kelly Loreto | Images from the world wide web. 



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